Targeting cancer with precision

Working to change the future of cancer treatment

POINT Biopharma is a precision oncology company focused exclusively on radiopharmaceuticals. We work with purpose to develop and continually improve best-in-class treatments, and achieve excellence by empowering our team to be trailblazers - from neutron to patient™.

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Take action: The next chapter in cancer treatment

In pursuit of providing new options to patients and caregivers all over the globe, POINT Biopharma is committed to accelerating the discovery and development of new products.

Patients + Caregivers

Developing treatments you can depend on

We are developing complex next-generation radiopharmaceuticals for hard to treat cancers. We are supported by a team of experts, such as our highly experienced global manufacturing team.    

We are a responsive and agile organization with a proud connection to patients, positioning ourselves to manufacture therapies on-demand for delivery to those in need. 

Our Technology
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