From neutron to patient™
A POINT Technician in a laboratory.

Innovative cancer treatment that are just-in-time

Radiopharmaceuticals are sterile injectable radioactive products that are produced on-demand for a specific patient, presenting a unique set of manufacturing complexities.

Welcome to our 80,000 ft² state-of-the-art production facility

The facility is licensed for alpha and beta-emitting isotopes and contains dedicated space for commercial-scale automated packaging. Located at the Crossroads of America in Indianapolis, Indiana, shipments from the facility can reach 50% of the US population within 10 hours by local ground transportation, and to the rest of North America and Western Europe within 48 hours by air.

Our production facility
A test tube

Patents and proprietary technology

POINT has both developed and licenced an innovative portfolio of best-in-class products, formulation and manufacturing processes. Our world-leading research and development teams are working to change the course of cancer.