CanSEEK™ diagram

Toxicity caused by off-target delivery is a longstanding concern of cancer therapies.

Developed by Dr. William Bachovchin of Tufts University, POINT’s CanSEEK™ technology aims to minimize radiopharmaceutical toxicity caused by off-target delivery by only activating a radiopharmaceuticals' targeting moiety, such as its ligand, after it has encountered FAP-α in the tumor microenvironment (TME). FAP-α is highly expressed on a wide range of solid tumors, but in very low quantities or absent altogether in healthy tissues.

The intent of CanSEEK™ is to minimize the toxicity caused by off-target delivery. At first, CanSEEK™ prevents the radiopharmaceutical from bonding to receptors on cells. When the radiopharmaceuticals enter the TME, the radiopharmaceuticals targeting moiety is re-activated, enabling it to once again bond to receptors on cancer cells.

CanSEEK™ has the potential to make treatments even more precise, expanding their therapeutic index, and enabling the use of new, more powerful medical isotopes.

POINT's CanSEEK™ has been sub-licensed from both Bach Biosciences and Avacta Life Sciences, which has branded the technology as pre | CISION™ (an Avacta trademark).