Our large-scale manufacturing campus

CORE: Center of Radioligand Excellence

Centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Center of Radioligand Excellence (CORE) is POINT's commerical-scale radioligand production campus.

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With 180,000 square feet of internal space, POINT's CORE is the largest dedicated radioligand manufacturing campus in the world.

Two POINT employees in a lab.

Shipments from CORE can reach the majority of the U.S. population within 12 hours

CORE's proximity to a major international air shipping hub also enables shipments to reach the European Union and United Kingdon within 72 hours.

CORE2 was leased in March 2023.

CORE1 has been designed for 21 CFR 210, 211, and ICH Q7, Q9, Q10 standards

CORE1 is licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to handle alpha, beta, gamma, and positron emitters.

with 5,000 ft2 of lab space

State-of-the-art equipment is used to ensure all manufactured products exceed the highest levels of quality.

and on-site no-carrier-added 177Lu production

Moving raw material processing on-site decreases likelihood of input-related production delays and lowers cost of goods sold by minimizing isotope loss during transport.

Two POINT employees in a lab.